Collaboration in teams for each processing cycle, continuous updating of operators on the evolution of machine tool software, use of CAM software two-and-a-half axis, three-axis and three+two.

Operative system CAD/CAM for the management of the fleet of machine tools, chip conveying, sending/receiving of drawings and technical details via e-mail, mathematics of the same.


  • 5 Bridge cranes with capacity load equal to 3 t and 25 t
  • 2 Radial drilling machines BREDA 55/2000
  • Drilling machine CASER F 80x2500 mm
  • Center lathe with center height equal to 510 mm
  • Center lathe with center height equal to 450 mm
  • Center lathe with center height equal to 300 mm
  • Boring mill ROMAN, turning diameter equal to 1450 mm
  • Boring mill MORANDO type KP30 with CNC SIEMENS 840D, two rams with C axis for boring out and milling, tool crib, turning diameter equal to 4000 mm
  • Boring Mill PIETRO CARNAGHI type AC10 with CNC SIEMENS 840, turning diameter 1700 h.1200 mm
  • 1 Milling machine TIGER TBF 230 with CNC SELCA 3045, axis diameter 2500X 1500Y 850Z
  • 2 Boring machines BRAGONZI CREUSAMATIC 100 with CNC ECS 2301 – axis dimensions 2000X 1100Y 1100W
  • 1 Boring machine BRAGONZI CREUSAMATIC 4”T with 5-axis continuous CNC ECS 2301, strokes 3000X 1500Y 1300W, table 1350x40
  • 1 Milling-boring machine FPT with T moving upright type LEM-T10/F40.12 with automatic head and CNC ECS 2400 – axis dimensions 3500X 2500Y 1250Z 1000W-T
  • 1 Milling-boring machine MAUT with T moving upright type ALN 30 with birotative fork automatic head and with CNC ECS 2301 – axis dimensions: X axis 12000 mm, Y axis 2300 mm, W-T axis 500 mm and Z axis 1000 with rotary table head and automatic tool change 40 positions
  • 1 Milling machine MECOF with CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 415 with automatic twin mandrel head, axis dimensions: X axis 10300 mm, Y axis 1900 mm, Z axis 1000 mm
  • 1 Milling-boring machine COLGAR with T moving upright type Fral 400 – mandrel diameter equal to 150 – axis dimensions: X axis, longitudinal stroke of moving upright equal to 16000 mm; Y axis, vertical stroke of head equal to 5000 mm; Z axis, transversal stroke of head equal to 1250 mm, W axis, traverse stroke of boring mandrel equal to 900 mm; Z + W axis, total stroke of head and boring mandrel equal to 2150 mm
  • Bridge crane 40 ton. of our construction